3 Reasons Every Woman Should Wear Lingerie For Herself

Maui Bigelow wearing CurvyFoxAnytime Lingerie is mentioned most individuals immediately think of something sexual in nature. It may be sex and it maybe looking sexy for a partner but for most, Lingerie is believed to be a presentation that is sexual and intended for others. Yes, Lingerie can spice things up in the bedroom for sure and it does encourage sexiness but it’s deeper than that too.

For most women, Lingerie creates feelings of comfort and sexiness. While the feelings Lingerie induce are often  connected to a significant other, feeling comfortable and sexy is about self too. It is most important that a woman understands that she is sexy because that is where it all begins. The confidence and strength attached to a woman who knows that she is sexy is undeniable, empowering, most attractive.

The more I begin to digest the fact that my sexiness wasn’t about certain factors, it really caused a shift in my life.  It wasn’t my size, my age, or the opinions of others; it was me and my confidence. My willingness to create a space that celebrated me and allowed me to freely be who I wanted to be helped my relationships with others too. I felt more comfortable wearing certain clothing, I was more confident when I entered a room, and I unlocked a door in regards to intimacy with my partner.

Rather you serve up a little bit of sexy or so much that your freak number shoots through the roof, I encourage you to do it for you, first. Wearing lingerie can and will promote many things but below you will find three ways lingerie can benefit you outside of sex.

1. Wearing lingerie promotes body positivity. Body positivity is the assertion that we all deserve to have a positive body image, which is difficult because of society’s bogus beauty standards. However, regardless to society’s views on shape, size, and appearance, loving your body is vital. You must love yourself and your body enough to freely adorn your body with clothing that celebrate how you feel and dismiss you dressing the way society says you should look.

 Maui Bigelow wearing CurvyFox

2. Lingerie boost confidence. Every women desires to feel beautiful and confident every once in a while. Letting your hair down and prancing around your home alone in a nice bra and pantie set  is one of the most freeing feelings ever. Stop by every mirror in your home and appreciate your beauty.


3. Lingerie helps you explore your sexuality. As a woman, it is important that you explore your sexuality, and lingerie is the perfect way to begin exploring. You should feel sexy all the times, even if you are not in a relationship. Understanding yourself sexual is necessary because it acknowledges your sensuality which is vital when you seek intimate pleasure. Oh and please note, intimacy isn’t just about having a partner.

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