Wellness Wednesday with Goddess Detox

We have officially launched the second leg of the Curvy Fox Virtual 3-day cruise. We kicked things off yesterday with an in-depth discussion via IG Live with Head Fox, Christina and special guest, CEO of Goddess Detox, and the founder of the SelfishBabe app, OlanikeeOsi. 

The conversation was amazing. Viewers were educated on the historical origin of vaginal steaming along with its holistic benefits. Goddess Detox offers vaginal steam consisting of all-natural herbs to assist with heavy cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, cramping, cleanses your womb, and the list goes on. In addition to the steam, she also has vaginal detox pearls, small herb-filled pearls that are inserted into your vagina for up to 48 hours for a deeper detox. These pearls can “purge” yeast, skin cells, blood clots, the spirit of past lovers….any and all things left behind! OlanikeeOsi suggests using the pearls only 4-5 times a year.

My personal favorite part of the conversation was the discussion on faith and v-steaming. The ladies were able to have an in-depth and respectful exchange on their views that allowed for the audience to understand your religious preference could be what it is and you still partake in v-steaming. 

Before signing off they announced the Goddess Detox giveaway for $250! OlanikeeOsi also gave us info about her app SelfishBabe. The app is full of self-love and affirmations and is also where you can easily access her podcast. 

Next up is the TDNEB Podcast! Premiering tonight with special guests SimoneMariPosa & TheKingHaize!  

Until next time,

Curls n' Cocktails

Want to catch the convo with Christina and OlanikeeOsi? Watch the replay on the Curvy Fox YouTube channel.

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