Wellness Wednesday with Arian Simone

Did you tune into today’s Wellness Wednesday live with Arian Simone and head fox, Christina Howell? If you aren’t already familiar with Arian, she is an author, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, mentor, lover of God and all people, and the list goes on and on.  She stepped on board the Curvy Fox Virtual Cruise to give attendees a bit of hope during these trying times we are all facing during the pandemic.


Arian stated as an entrepreneur a lot hasn’t changed for her in her day to day. But like the rest of us she has had to do a lot of showing up “digitally”.  She’s attended any and all there is to do via Zoom with friends and family. She is still giving back, as she sees the philanthropic work she does as simply her doing her part.  Arian has dedicated Fridays to helping others get their lives back on track. She stated it is imported we give ourselves grace because “things happen”. If we’ve never believed that before, we all should believe it now. We can’t beat ourselves up for whatever situation we are in currently, at least not for too long! One last thing Arian gave our audience was her daily routine of centering herself. I lived by this.  I must set my intention daily and she does the same! She doesn’t even get her emails to her phone.  The only way to see her emails is if she gets on the computer. Can you believe all we got from her in 15 minutes, and I left some out! You have to get the rest by catching the live before it leaves the Curvy Fox Instagram.

Let’s revisit our 3 takeaways from this week’s Wellness Wednesday with Arian:

  • Give yourself grace.
  • Find some way to give back.
  • Start everyday with intention.

Of course, we also discussed her books available via her website! If you were on the live you know you had a chance to win a copy of The Fearless Money Mindset.  The fun continues tomorrow with the TDNEB podcast at 10pm EST!

Until Next Time,

Curls n’ Cocktails

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