We Ran it Back...

Last week, we brought back the Curvy Fox Virtual Cruise and it was a major success.  We kicked things off with Wellness Wednesday featuring OlanikeeOsi, founder and CEO of Goddess Detox, and the SelfishBabe App. She joined head fox, Christina, for an informative conversation about the history and benefits of v-steaming, along with the details of her detox pearls. It was during this time the first of many giveaways began when OlanikeeOsi announced she’d be giving away $250 to one lucky viewer!! 

Thursday was major!! It was the official launch of the TDNEB (Thinness Does Not Equal Beauty) Podcast! We premiered with a series titled “Fat & Flirty: Dating While Plus-Size” with special guests, plus-size influencer,  SimoneMariposa, and podcaster and photographer, Haize. It was an in-depth conversation that included the topics of “what is considered plus-size”, “ why is this conversation important”, “the stigma attached to dating a plus-size woman”, and much more. The discussion was so good we couldn’t end it there. They are coming back next week for part 2!! So if you haven’t checked out the episode click here to watch, and then tune in this Thursday at 10pm EST for Fat & Flirty: Dating While Plus-Size pt.2 on Curvy Fox Facebook or YouTube channel!

Of course, we couldn’t bring the cruise back and not bring back the pool party. It was basically the staple of the original virtual cruise. So this time we did it bigger and better. Again, it was hosted by our head fox, Christina.  She wanted to use this time as a true getaway for the ladies. We had a fun game of “Never Have I Ever Left Quarantine” as an ice breaker and brought back a few fun rounds of trivia with hefty prizes.  Curvy Fox gave away $1000 in cash!! Not only did those who won games walk away with cash, but Christina also wanted those who are up and out every day as an essential worker to know that we appreciate them, and purchased lunch for those ladies this week! Take a look back at all the fun by clicking here

The good times do not stop here! Make sure your notifications are on for the Curvy Fox Instagram page, you get all the emails, and you’re on the text list because you don’t want to miss any of the upcoming fun! 

Until next time,

Curls n’ Cocktails

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