Virtual Cruise to Escape the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hey Curvy Fox,

We don’t know about you but we looked up and we were in #ClubQuarantine! In a matter of days, our lives were changed. Students, parents and teachers alike, were forced to adjust to a new way of living in an effort to combat the quick spread of COVID-19! But here’s the thing… At this point, weekends don’t exist and every day is Wednesday. We’ve been in the house lounging and our sexy swimwear is put up with nowhere to play. In these unprecedented times, we’re challenged to search for other ways to relieve the pressures of the day and keep our cool. And what better way than a Virtual Cruise! Like every cruise, we’ve planned unique activities for the woman who needs an escape from this Quarantine Boredom! And there’s truly something for everyone. 

The Curvy Fox Virtual Cruise sets sail Monday, March 30th at 5:00PM EST/4:PM CST and we’re kicking it off with a Virtual Pool Party! From a jammin’ playlist that you can Add on Apple Music (or Spotify if you’re trying to TURN UP, SIS) to a $1000 Giveaway in gift cards, this party is sure to take your mind off of your same four walls! 

If you’d like to join this Virtual Cruise when it pulls out of Quarantineville, read along to find out how you can join the afternoon party, party online and win big because Curvy Fox is paying bills, yall! In a live video stream, you can join our founder and designer, CEO Christina Howell as she hosts a round of games and trivia at the Issa Virtual Pool Party! It’s not too late to register for your FREE cabin! With a VIP ticket, you’ll gain access to a Curvy Fox private session for a chance to win a gift card. We know during these times any assistance is helpful! Make sure you’re there early to hear how to win. 

After the pool party we’ll relax with a Spa Day with Curvy Fox, that you can enjoy on your own terms. Follow us on Pinterest to see how we’re planning on recouping and settling in for some R&R. Even with a few items from around the house, you can pamper yourself like the Queen that you are, and finally tackle that DIY. Throughout the week we’ll explore different avenues to keep our vibes high and confidence higher. Get out of that slump with Fitness Instructor Michelle @MichelleLFitness7 on Instagram on #WorkOutWednesday, she’ll take over our Curvy Fox IG LIVE Wednesday, April 1, at 1PM EST/12PM CST. She’ll introduce simple but effective exercises you can do from your newly converted Living Room/Gym/Office. In the last 10 minutes, she’ll answer health related questions from IG LIVE viewers. From Thursday to Saturday, we’ll share a meal, learn how to make a few cocktails  from home and even have a game night with the Curvy Fox Fam. We’ll wrap up the cruise Sunday with a much needed Goal Getter Sunday. With a renewed focus after this much needed escape, you can count on Curvy Fox to share tips and tricks to manifest your goals and turn someday into “When they let us back outdoors, I will…”

We’re pumped up to have a reason to slide into High Maintenance or maybe you’re into The Catch and slay with all the confident (and cooped up) Foxes out there! So head on over to The Curvy Fox Cruise Itinerary so you can make plans with your Travel Buddy! Tell her to grab her swimsuit, turn that bass up and let us see that Alter Ego. 

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