The Perfect Spa Day...At Home!

Everyone deserves a day at the spa here and there. Given the unfortunate state the world is in we’ve all had to make adjustments. Our Saturday brunches with the girls are now spent with the kids. Date nights are Netflix in front of the TV. Work is done at home. But self-care does not have to stop. You can still create a spa day from the comfort of your home. I’m going to share tips to turn your home into a spa triggering all your senses.
Light your favorite candle(s)
Illuminate the room and fill it with your favorite scent to set the mood. Lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood are all very calming and relaxing scents, perfect for your in-home spa. We all have a candle stash, yes, that is the time to put them to use. Better yet, those candles you NEVER use because they're too pretty, quarantine treat!
A hot soak or shower
Nothing is more soothing than a nice soak. Fill your tub with epsom salt, bubbles, and bath oils and let your troubles melt away. Baths not your thing? Take a hot shower, hang fresh eucalyptus from the showerhead (available at your local Trader Joe's for very cheap) or use a shower melt and let the steam works it’s magic.
DIY face mask
Making a face mask is a breeze and you more than likely have the ingredients already in your kitchen. It all depends on your skincare needs. Want to brighten your skin, use 2 tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp yogurt. For those with acne-prone skin, mix together 1/4 tsp cinnamon and tbsp honey. Turmeric and coconut oil are great for dark spots. Deep clean pores with 2 tbs yogurt and 1 tbsp oatmeal. And get rid of blackheads is as easy as mixing 1 egg white and a tsp of lemon juice.
Put on your favorite playlist or calming sounds
Almost every DJ is going live right now. Find your fav and put them on your bluetooth speaker or take advantage of all of the amazing apps like Calm, Insight, or Zen that offer calming sounds and meditations. Let a soothing rainstorm play as you soak in your hot bath with your oatmeal mask on and all your stresses just fade least for 30-60min. Your favorite playlist or one already curated on Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal is also a great option.
Something to sip on
You’re going to need to stay hydrated! What you choose is completely up to you. There is something for everyone. First is of course, wine! When you think relaxation you think of a glass of wine. This isn’t the time to try something new. Go for your fav, something you know you’ll love. You could also sip on a warm mug of tea. Tea is like a nice hug. It comforts you. And if made after your bath, it could be the perfect end to your spa day. Lastly, spa water! Some may refer to it as detox water or fruit infused water. It’s just that, water with fruit it in....nice and refreshing. Does the trick. Keeps you hydrated and can act as a pick-me-up.
Hopefully, these tips have motivated you to treat yourself to a much needed day at the spa in your own home! As you can see it doesn’t take much! So take this as the push you need....enjoy!
-Curls n' Cocktails

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