How to Slay This Halloween with Curvy Fox

Maybe you're invited to Halloween party, taking your kids trick-or-treating or maybe you're dressing up to spend it with us for our Virtual Movie Night - here's some D.I.Y outfit inspiration for Halloween that'll be kind to your bank-account, your curves and keep you SLAYING until Christmas.

Now ladies, if the COVID-19 Pandemic hasn't been scary enough already, then it's gotta be the limited options of Halloween costumes made available to us curvy foxes that takes the cake! Fortunately, the Very Important Fox Society has got you COVERED, and not covered up, like most mainstream retailers. We're showing you how you can look and feel empowered to dress up and feel super-sexy this Halloween!

1. The Foxy Feline

Our “That’s Bae” leggings are puuuurrfect to frame all your curves without sacrificing form for function. Pair our super stretchy leggings, the matching "That's Bae" crop tank top, your highest pair of black heels and some adorable kitty ears for a Cat-Woman inspired look. Top if off with an alluring shade of lipstick for the perfect at-home Halloween look. 

2. The Socialite Fox / The Friendly-Fox

Feeling like a Pink Panther, or indulging yourself with some at Halloween-at-home TLC, our "Excuse Me" loungewear suit is breathable and pairs so beautifully with a pair of pink-rimmed shades, your comfiest sneakers and a metallic bag. Want to nail this style? Then pair it with our Luxe Life Fur Slides instead for a sassy night in with your VIF girl squad. Check out some of our Foxtail recipes to try at home!!

3. The Fierce Fox

Looking to be #AnythingButBasic this Halloween? Then dial up the attitude in our luxurious two-piece satin loungewear set. With a bold cheetah print, you'll be roaring with confidence even when you're lounging at home or keeping it low-key with your girlfriends. Pair with fluffy strappy heels and some cat-ears for a daring outfit. 

4. The Rowdy Fox

Make sure you bring your A-game this Halloween with our "Entanglement" Set, perfect to dress up with if you're feeling fiesty and down to party! All you need is pair of boxing gloves and a pair of matching shoes for the final showdown!

This Halloween, we're all about the treats we want to bring to you whilst you're in Quarantine. Make sure you sign up to the VIF Society to get access to our Virtual Movie Night, Foxtail Recipes and WIN A CHANCE TO FLY WITH OUR DIGITAL TRIBE TO DESTIN THIS DECEMBER. Share your top curvy-fox inspired Halloween costume ideas with us on Instagram @Curvyfox and stay tuned for more details on our Virtual Movie Night on October 31st at 9pm EST.

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