Who We Are

We hope to inspire every woman to be who she is, to wear what she wants and to defy the rules while creating her own path.

Curvy Fox is a fashion movement of bold, vibrant, and empowering designs inspired by the latest trends, in sizes 6 to 24. We aim to create sophisticated collections that embrace curves, and personify the confidence of the fashion-forward young professional woman.

Each collection is produced in the USA, using only the best quality materials fit for a curvy goddess. With every design we hope to inspire curvaceous fashion lovers to defy the rules of fashion and create new beauty standards by showcasing her unique features and style.

Created by Dallas designer Tiina Howell, Curvy Fox ships both domestically and internationally. Wholesale opportunities are available for approved boutiques and retailers.

Ego Trip Collection

Summer’s almost here and we want to jump into the waves of fun with a splash! Join us on our adventure to remind the world these curves have an Ego Style too and are ready to embrace the sun. The Ego Trip Swimwear collection features daring prints and intriguing cuts meant to release the bold, foxy you. Whether you are chilling at the pool, discovering the latest exotic destination or simply hitting the beach, these fly swimwear pieces will give you a boost of confidence and style.

“Ego Trip is my journey to remind women that regardless what anyone thinks, they are beautiful and should be free to be Cocky, Conceited and Boujee no matter what size they wear. This collection is manufactured in sizes M-3X (6-24) and is made here in U.S.A.” – Tiina Howell

Choose from a variety of cuts, patterns and ingenious bra support options to express your personal summer philosophy. Are you the fun, adventurous type or maybe more of a sensual, relaxed goddess? No matter what your personal vibe is, you’ll definitely find the piece to flaunt it. Our mission this summer is to bathe in the sun’s wanderlust and show the world just how bright foxy ladies can shine.